Hello and welcome to my Music Events & Festivals Page!

Here you will find a few links to some of my published festival and music event photography and writing. Two of the links include my writing and photography and one includes another writers story accompanied by my photos and captions.

In addition to providing some links to published festival and music event work of mine, I have included some of my favorite festival and music event portfolio shots. Thank you for visiting my website and please let me know if you would like me to document your next event!

Link: Lightning in a Bottle Cover Story and Photos

Link: Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Festival Coverage, Story and Photos

Here is a link to photos that I shot of the last show ever at SLO Brew's old Garden Street location. Growing up going to shows at SLO Brew, it was always a dream of mine to be a photographer with all access at one of the shows. The fact that I got to get paid to be the only photographer on stage for the last show ever there was an absolute dream come true. Enjoy the photos as well as a great story about the last show at the old SLO Brew.

Photos of the Last Show at the Old SLO Brew


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